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Book Your Summer or Fall Vacation with Confidence with our Worry Free Hurricane Guarantee*

Altough hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 in the Cayman Islands, summer is a fastastic time to visit island.   The water is clear and calm and there are fewer tourists than the winter months.   There are many great events such as Batabano-Cayman Carnival, Taste of Cayman, Cayman Art Week, Flowers Sea Swim, as well as your favourite excursions, diving and beach going.  Please check out https://www.explorecayman.com/ for all our events. 

Our Guarantee

If you’ve booked a stay at any of our properties between June 1 and November 30, you can rest easy.  Our Hurricane Guarantee ensures that, if a hurricane warning has been issued, we will rebook/refund your reservation.   If you are on island staying at one of our properties and a hurricane warning has been issued, we will ask you to leave the island and the remaining of your stay will be refunded.  

Our promise covers cancellations due to a hurricane warning being issued by the Cayman Islands Government.  Accommodations will be rebooked or refunded once an official hurricane warning has been issued by the Hazard Management of the Cayman Islands.  

Please do not consider staying on island if a hurricane warning is issued.  Altough it may seem tempting to stay and “ride out the storm”, this is not advised.  Make necessary arrangements to leave as soon as possible.   In addition to your safety, there are things to consider during a major storm; flights can be cancelled for several weeks.  Electricty and water service can be disrupted for many days, possibly weeks.

If you have any questions regarding booking a summertime or fall stay, please email info@starfishvillas.ky.   We’d love to see you!

*Accommodations booked for stays between June 1 and November 30.

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