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25+ kid-friendly things to do in the Cayman Islands (reposted from VisitCaymanIslands.com)

The Cayman Islands is a premier holiday destination for family outings. Whether you want to experience the culture, beaches, or amazing animals, your family is sure to find fun things to do in Grand Cayman during your Cayman Islands vacation.

The Cayman Islands is filled with incredible excitement and total peace, depending on how you spend your time. Each family member will have a unique idea of what makes for a great vacation, so we’re covering every kind of trip you can experience in this list of the best things to do on vacations in the Cayman Islands.

 Beach & Water Adventures

Seven Mile Beach

Stingray City

Snorkeling with the fish

Boat Tours

Starfish Point

Bioluminescent Bay

Mangrove Tour

Rent a jet ski

Waterparks at Kimpton, Ritz, Camana Bay, Botanic Park and Cayman Turtle Centre

Wildlife & Nature Explorations

Cayman Turtle Centre: Wildlife Encounter

Iguanas in Little Cayman

Cayman Parrot Sanctuary

Mastic Trail

Blue Iguana Conservation

Horseback Riding

Cayman Crystal Caves

Family & Kids Activities

The Fountains at Camana Bay

Eat & Play at Camana Bay

Children’s Garden at The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

National Gallery

Pickleball Cayman

ATV at Barkers National Park

Chess classes at the Public Library

The Pony Park

Rock Climbing in Cayman Brac

Various parks on island

Cultural & Educational Experiences

Pedro St. James Tour

Wreck of the Ten Sail Memorial

Mission House Tour

National Museum

Cayman Collections Center in West Bay

 Beach & Water Adventures


Seven Mile Beach

While there are many things to do, visitors to Grand Cayman usually want to enjoy the beautiful beaches that combine stunning wild nature, restaurants, swimming, and snorkeling. The first stop many travelers will make when reaching Grand Cayman is a trip to one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, Seven Mile Beach. The coral sands are inviting, and the shallow waters are welcoming. With fantastic resorts, beach bars, and playgrounds dotting the landscape, the activities are waiting for you. Even if you’re looking for a lot of excitement in your trip, all of the best family Caribbean vacations have a little downtime for relaxing on the beach and experiencing the joy of doing nothing. Here are other beach options while you are in the Cayman Islands.

 Stingray City

An unforgettable experience awaits at Stingray City, where you can stand in shallow waters and interact with friendly stingrays in their natural environment. The area is famous for having a large congregation of friendly southern stingrays, and visitors can swim and interact with these magnificent creatures. The rays at Stingray City are remarkably docile and accustomed to human interaction. Legend has it that kissing a stingray will bring you 7 years of good luck!

 Snorkeling with the Fish

Dive into the underwater wonderland of the Cayman Islands, where snorkelers can swim alongside a dazzling array of tropical fish and vibrant coral reefs. The water for snorkeling in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman is clear, usually calm, warm and filled with a fantastic variety of marine life.

 Some of the top snorkeling spots are:

 Grand Cayman

 Stingray City

Coral Gardens

Smith’s Barcadere

Starfish Point

Ex-USS Kittiwake

Cemetery Beach

Wreck of the Cali

Cayman Turtle Centre

Cheeseburger Reef

Cayman Kai Public Beach

Barrier Reer


Little Cayman

 Owen Island

Point of Sand


Cayman Brac

 MV Captain Keith Tibbetts

Snapper Reef

Rock Monster Chimney

Boat Tours

Boat Tours

Explore the Caribbean Sea’s serene beauty with various boat tours, offering everything from leisurely sails to thrilling excursions.

 Starfish Point

Starfish Point, located in North Side, Grand Cayman, is a serene and beautiful spot perfect for families and especially enchanting for children. This shallow beach area is renowned for its clear waters and, as the name suggests, numerous starfish. Visitors are treated to the sight of these marine creatures in their natural habitat, making it an ideal place to explore marine life up close. The area is easily accessible by car or boat, offering a tranquil escape where visitors can enjoy crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkeling.

 One can make the most of their trip to Starfish Point by combining it with nearby attractions such as Stingray City or the Cayman Crystal Caves. This will give them a full day of adventure and exploration in one of the most beautiful settings in the Caribbean. It is a perfect addition to a vacation filled with activities like snorkeling. Considered one of the best snorkeling destinations in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands attract enthusiasts from all over the world.

 Bioluminescent Bay

Bioluminescent Bay in Cayman is a natural wonder that captivates all fortunate enough to experience its magic.

Located on the North Side of Grand Cayman, the bioluminescent plankton in the water emit light when they are engaged, creating a stunning and mystical seascape during the night. Visitors can experience this extraordinary natural spectacle by joining various tours, including eco-friendly kayak tours, electric boat trips, and private charters. Each tour provides an up-close and personal view of this breathtaking phenomenon.

 If you’re planning to visit Grand Cayman to witness the bioluminescence, making advance bookings and checking the optimal viewing times is essential. The tours depend on moonlight, and they may not be available every evening. Whether you choose kayaking, a boat tour, or snorkeling, experiencing the bioluminescence in Grand Cayman is an unparalleled experience.


Morning Mangrove Kayak Tour

Paddle through the tranquil mangrove forests with a guided kayak tour, learning about the vital ecosystems and the diverse wildlife that call the mangroves home.

Experience the wonders of the Cayman Islands with this guided tour of the breathtaking mangrove ecosystem. Explore the lush wetlands and encounter a variety of marine life, from sea anemones to sea stars. Our expert guides will ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey through this unique environment. The tandem kayaks provided are comfortable and easy to handle, making this experience suitable for everyone, regardless of skill level.

Prebook with a tour with Cayman Kayaks.


Jet Ski

Add some excitement to your water adventures with a jet ski rental. This allows you to jet ski across the waves and explore the coastlines of the Cayman Islands.

Visitors to Grand Cayman can experience thrilling jet ski tours of the island’s beautiful waters and iconic attractions, tailored to adrenaline seekers and those looking for a leisurely tour.

Sea Breeze Charters & Jet Ski Tours offers a comprehensive 3-hour Guided Island Life Jet Ski Tour. Participants can visit must-see stops like Stingray City, Rum Point, and Starfish Point, including a secret snorkel spot. For those preferring a more free-form experience, they also offer a half-day or full-day private Jet Ski Rental, allowing guests to explore at their leisure.

 Cayman Jet Ski Rentals provides private jet ski charters, inviting guests to discover Grand Cayman’s sights, such as Rum Point, Stingray City, and Starfish Point. They also offer a variety of water activities, including kayaking and tubing, ensuring a fun-filled visit for everyone.

 Fat Fish Adventures excursions cover Grand Cayman’s best, including Stingray City and Starfish Point, with options for both Jet Ski and Private Boat Charters. They aim to make Grand Cayman the highlight of any trip, offering experienced guides, exciting tours, and private charters.

For more information on booking and tour options, visit their websites:

Sea Breeze Charters & Jet Ski Tours

 Cayman Jet Ski Rentals

 Fat Fish Adventures

 Wildlife & Nature Explorations


Cayman Turtle Centre: Wildlife Encounter

A conservation-focused wildlife encounter that allows visitors to interact with sea turtles and learn about the efforts to protect these majestic creatures.

 The Cayman Turtle Centre is one of the most prominent land-based attractions on the Cayman Islands. It offers a unique combination of conservation, education, and entertainment. Visitors can experience swimming with turtles in a lagoon filled with colourful marine life, explore a nature trail, and get up close with various wildlife, including sharks and exotic birds, in the Caribbean Aviary and Butterfly Garden.

 This exceptional facility provides a variety of exciting activities and experiences for visitors. Some highlights include the chance to snorkel with turtles and reef fish in the Saltwater Lagoon, enjoy the exhilarating Turtle Twister waterslide, and learn about the conservation efforts through engaging programs and tours. The centre is dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles and, offers educational programs and participates in research to better understand and preserve these magnificent creatures.

 The facility offers amenities such as free parking, onsite dining options, and a gift shop that sells a variety of souvenirs and local treasures, ensuring accessibility and convenience for guests.

 Visit the official website of the Cayman Turtle Centre for more details on planning your visit, including ticket prices and operating hours.


Cayman Crystal Caves

The Cayman Crystal Caves, located in a lush tropical forest in North Side, Grand Cayman, offer a unique and magical experience for kids and the whole family. As one of Grand Cayman’s nature attractions, visitors can explore stunning crystal formations and underground caves guided by knowledgeable tour guides. This adventure enriches kids’ understanding of natural wonders and complements a Cayman Islands vacation filled with activities like snorkelling in the Caribbean’s clear waters. Pre-booking is required to ensure a spot on this unforgettable journey. For more details, visit their website at Cayman Crystal Caves. Grab a bite at the Treehouse Café after.


Iguanas in Little Cayman

Discover the native Rock Iguanas of Little Cayman, a rare opportunity to see these reptiles in their natural habitat. On Little Cayman, there are approximately 2,000 Sister Islands Rock Iguanas . They generally congregate around the built-up areas in and around Blossom Village.

 The Sister Islands Rock Iguana (Cyclura nubila caymanensis), exclusive to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, showcases the distinctive and vibrant biodiversity of the Cayman Islands. Resembling the Blue Iguana of Grand Cayman in form, this subspecies diverges in colour, ranging from almost black to grey or brown, with highlights of orange, cream, and occasionally blue, but not covering their bodies entirely like their Grand Cayman counterparts.


Cayman Parrot Sanctuary

The Cayman Parrot Sanctuary is an excellent place for families to visit, providing an interactive and educational experience. It is situated in East End, Grand Cayman, and offers a unique natural reserve where visitors can meet the Cayman Parrot, the national bird of the Cayman Islands, along with other native animals such as agoutis, rabbits, guinea pigs, cockatiels, and various reptiles. Additionally, the sanctuary features frigate birds that swoop down from the coast for feeding, playgrounds for children, shaded seating areas, and the thrill of zip-lining.


Mastic Trail

Take a hike along the Mastic Trail for an immersive journey through the island’s native flora and fauna, experiencing the untouched beauty of Cayman’s natural forest.

 The Mastic Trail is located in the Mastic Reserve on Grand Cayman. It is a critical conservation area that protects one of the few remaining untouched old-growth forests in the Caribbean. The trail was established in 1992 and covers a rugged interior landscape that is home to diverse native flora and fauna, including rare trees like Cedar and Mahogany and the national flower – the Wild Banana Orchid. This 2.3-mile trail is perfect for hikers who want to explore Cayman’s natural heritage deeply and typically takes around three hours to complete when guided by an expert. The trail also supports various wildlife, such as the Cayman parrot, West Indian Woodpecker, Caribbean Dove, and various reptiles and insects, making it a vital habitat for observing natural ecosystems without disturbing them. For more information on tours and reservations, visit the National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ website.


Blue Iguana Conservation

Join a guided tour to learn about the conservation efforts to save the critically endangered Blue Iguana, native to the Cayman Islands.

 If you’re a family visiting the Cayman Islands and want to contribute to conservation efforts, you can volunteer at the Blue Iguana Conservation facility. This is an excellent way to get involved in the direct care and preservation of the endangered Blue Iguana. During your volunteering time, you may be involved in activities such as food preparation, habitat maintenance, and assisting with educational tours. This will allow you to get hands-on experience and help ensure the survival of this iconic species. It’s also an excellent opportunity to connect with nature and learn about conservation firsthand.

 For more details on how to get involved, visit the Blue Iguana Conservation page on the National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ website.


Horseback Riding at Barker’s National Park

Experience the natural beauty of the Cayman Islands on horseback, with scenic trails and beaches to explore.

 Exploring the serene beauty of Barker’s National Park in Grand Cayman on horseback is an unforgettable experience that’s perfect for families. This adventure offers a beautiful blend of natural exploration, bonding, and gentle physical activity suitable for all ages. Pampered Ponies and Spirit of the West are two providers that offer beach and sea swim tours, which means that families can enjoy a guided journey along the picturesque and often secluded shoreline of Barker’s Beach. These tours cater to riders of various abilities, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to experienced riders, can enjoy the ride at a pace that’s comfortable for them.

 Barker’s National Park offers a unique horseback riding experience with its ‘sea swim tour.’ This activity provides the opportunity to ride through the surf and then swim with your horse in the clear, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. It’s an unforgettable experience that creates cherished memories. Additionally, full moon rides are also available, adding to the enchanting experience. On these rides, you are guided only by the lunar glow and the natural instincts of the horses, making it a magical experience.

 It’s essential for families to keep in mind that group beach rides are generally only available for children aged eight years and up, while group swim rides are only available for those aged 14 years and up. However, private tours may be more flexible with these age requirements. It’s also recommended to wear comfortable and relaxed clothing, hats, sunblock, and comfortable shoes. If you plan on doing a swim ride, it’s best to wear a swimsuit underneath your riding attire.

 This horseback riding experience is an excellent way for families to connect with nature and with one another. It offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, providing an opportunity to witness the unspoiled beauty of the Cayman Islands, learn about the local ecosystem, and create lasting bonds with gentle and majestic horses.


Family & Kids Activities


The Fountains at Camana Bay

A vibrant gathering place where children can play among interactive water features and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Camana Bay. Camana Bay is a New Urbanist town with excellent shopping, dining and activities.

 Children’s Garden at The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

A whimsical garden designed for children to explore, learn about plants and engage with nature through play.

 The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, and history. Enjoy the simple elegance of a traditional Caymanian garden with the startling beauty of an exotic floral display. Spend an hour or two…or a full day! One thing is sure: each of our visitors will leave with a greater appreciation for the delicate balance of nature and the dedicated care it takes to preserve it. There are so many different gardens and natural areas to enjoy at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

 Nestled in the heart of the park, the Children’s Garden is a vibrant oasis designed to inspire young minds and families alike. Kids are able to experience the elements of the garden by collecting or studying flowers, insects, ecosystems, and the environment that surrounds them.


Cayman Islands National Museum

The historic George Town is not far from many of the Grand Cayman family resorts, and it’s filled with fun for the whole family. The National Museum is a great place to bring the kids, as it offers multiple interactive exhibits that teach about our island’s unique natural and cultural heritage.


Summer Special Events

 Looky Ya! Heritage Showcase (FREE)

     Tuesday, 28 May, 25 June and 30 July (10:00 am to 2:00 pm)

 National Museum Courtyard (Waterfront)

 Traditional Arts Workshop (Thatch Plaiting Masterclass)

     Saturday, 29 June 2024 (2:30-4:30 pm)


Intergenerational Hub | $65 (non-members), $58 (members)


Looky Ya! Mango Season at the Museum (FREE)

     Saturday, 6 July 2024 (10 am to 2:00 pm)


National Museum (Goring Avenue)

 Traditional Arts Workshop (Custard Top Cornbread)

     Saturday, 27 July 2024 (2:30-4:30 pm)


Intergenerational Hub | $65 (non-members), $58 (members)


National Gallery

Take your kids to the National Gallery for fun craft sessions based on the exhibitions, encouraging their creativity and self-expression through art.

 The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is an exciting and lively venue that offers visitors an opportunity to explore the cultural and artistic heritage of the Cayman Islands in depth. The gallery is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm. It features a range of programs suitable for all ages, including exhibitions, educational initiatives, and wellness events. Families looking to engage with art will find this an ideal visit. For more information, please visit the gallery’s website.


Pickleball Cayman

Introduce the family to the fun and fast-paced game of pickleball, with facilities and classes available for all ages.

 Pickleball Cayman is Grand Cayman’s premier pickleball destination, offering a state-of-the-art facility with shaded and floodlit courts for playing day or night. It’s a place where families can enjoy not just the fast-paced game but also the on-site restaurant (The Roost) and children’s playground. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, professional coaches are available to enhance your game. Located centrally in George Town, it’s easily accessible and provides ample parking for visitors.


ATV Tour at Barkers National Park

Adventure awaits with ATV tours through Barkers National Park, offering families a thrilling way to explore the island’s natural landscapes.

 ATV Cayman offers guided ATV and UTV tours through Barkers National Park, showcasing scenic views of mangroves, beaches, and wildlife. It’s designed for both beginners and experienced riders, making it a fantastic family adventure. Tours are available at multiple times throughout the day, and booking in advance is recommended. For more details on the tours, pricing, and how to book, visit their website at ATV Cayman.


Chess Classes at the Public Library

Engage young minds with chess classes at the Public Library, promoting strategic thinking and fun competition among peers.

The Cayman Chess Club offers complimentary chess classes and open challenges every Saturday from 11-12 p.m. at the George Town Public Library. These sessions are designed to engage a wide range of ages and welcome anyone interested in learning about chess or improving their skills. For more details, you can visit their website at Cayman Chess Club.


 The Pony Park

A delightful attraction for younger children, The Pony Park offers pony rides and interactions, creating cherished memories for the little ones.

 The Pony Park, part of the Equestrian Center in Grand Cayman, opens every Saturday morning from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. It’s a delightful place for young children to interact with farm animals like Lulu the donkey, Pebbles the miniature horse, and a few goats in a safe, enclosed environment. Each child’s entry fee of $5 includes a pony ride, making it an ideal family-friendly activity. The park also offers rental options for birthday parties and school field trips. For more details, visit their website.


 Rock Climbing

Challenge your family to a rock climbing adventure with facilities catering to climbers of all skill levels.

 Rock Iguana Ltd provides a unique rock-climbing experience on the Cayman Brac, which is famous for its stunning limestone formations and a wide variety of climbing routes suitable for all skill levels. The island features over 110 routes, making it a climber’s paradise that offers both beginners and experts challenging and enjoyable climbs. Whether it’s your first time climbing or you’re looking to push your limits, the breathtaking landscapes of Cayman Brac provide an ideal setting for an unforgettable adventure.

 Please visit Rock Iguana Ltd’s website for more details on rock climbing tours and courses, including safety instructions and booking information.


Cultural & Educational Experiences


Pedro St. James

Visit the historic Pedro St. James, a restored plantation house offering insights into Cayman’s cultural heritage and history through interactive exhibits and stunning ocean views.

 Pedro St. James, located on seven landscaped acres by the sea, offers visitors a glimpse into the Cayman Islands’ rich history and culture. This historical site, a 20-minute drive from George Town, features the oldest stone structure on the island, restored to its 18th-century splendour. Guests can explore the Great House and learn about Cayman’s heritage through various exhibits and a multi-sensory presentation. Enjoy a meal at Thatch & Barrel after you’re done!

 For more information, visit Pedro St. James.


Wreck of the Ten Sail Memorial

A poignant reminder of Cayman’s maritime history, this memorial commemorates the 1794 shipwreck that played a significant role in the island’s lore.

 The Wreck of the Ten Sail is a significant historical event for the Cayman Islands, involving the shipwreck of ten British ships on the East End reef in 1794. This disaster highlights the island’s maritime heritage and showcases the bravery of Caymanians who aided the survivors. The event is commemorated and explored in detail at the Cayman Islands National Museum, providing visitors with a deep dive into this pivotal moment in Cayman’s history.


Mission House

Delve into the history of Caymanian life in the 18th and 19th centuries with a visit to the Mission House.

 Exploring the Mission House offers families on vacation a captivating glimpse into Cayman’s past. This historic site, nestled in Bodden Town, was pivotal in the islands’ educational and religious beginnings. Restored after Hurricane Ivan, it now showcases traditional architecture and daily life in the 1800s. With guided tours available, visitors can stroll through the house and gardens, experiencing the heritage and tranquility of early Caymanian life. It’s a perfect blend of education and leisure for families looking to enrich their vacation.

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